Wednesday, November 16, 2011

She was a Skater Girl.

Keep your eye on something long enough and it just might multiply. Case in point the skater boot. I'm been watching this boot for a year now, even did a shoe game post featuring fashion sweetheart  June Ambrose rocking the DSquared ankle version. Now I can't blink without noticing a different, and super cool version. I don't know if there is comfort involved, but living in New York I'm certain I can hurt someone if necessary. Just sayin.

 DSQUARED boots found at ZAPPOS

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cold Weather Stuff.

Boohoo winter is here, but living in New York I have to get with the program. As a result I'm always in Starbucks, have enough moisturizer and lip balm to open my very own store, and when I walk out of my door I am bundled up within an inch of my life. Believe it or not the craziness of it all can be so fun, as there is shopping involved and I don't take it very seriously.  There is so much cool stuff to stay warm, case in point extra long super chunky scarves as seen on the Mulberry  runway last February. So stay warm and be fancy my friends. (Don't forget to check after the jump).